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About Us

The Kuala Lumpur Psychoanalytic Group (KLPG) consists of a group of professionals with a hub based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. KLPG centers around the possibility of exploring the dimensions of human development and human mind, mental health and mental well-being through the psychoanalytic lens. In particular, we focus on the tradition of object relations. In this respect, the group follows the developments of psychoanalysis through the works of Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, and Wilfred Bion and other contemporary thinkers within this tradition. Currently, there is the fostering of relationships with Kleinian psychoanalysts based in the United Kingdom and members of KLPG.

WHO CAN APPLY?              

KLPG encourages application for membership. Applicants do not need to have previous training in psychoanalysis to apply. KLPG requires all applicants to have master’s level education and have three years of work post graduation or have one year of work experience and be currently in an analysis for consideration.

Submission of a CV, a personal statement, and attend an interview that will partially be clinical in it’s focus is required for applicants. For professionals in Malaysia who require a license to work, we ask for verification of this status. If this verification is not included, KLPG will view the application as incomplete and we will not consider it.

It must be stressed that if one becomes a member of KLPG, one cannot use the title psychoanalyst or refer to themselves as a psychoanalyst in training. Any type of misrepresentation to the public will result in immediate termination of membership.


Affiliate membership is offered to people who have already completed their own psychoanalytic training and are already engaged in their own analytic practice or academic pursuits. For affiliate members, we require that this person belong to a larger psychoanalytic society. Please contact members of the Executive Committee for more details.


There is a yearly membership fee of 400 Malaysian Ringgit. Membership to KLPG includes access to Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing or PEP Web. Weekly seminars are paid monthly and are separate from the yearly membership fee. Affiliate members will not be eligible for PEP Web access through KLPG. Fees are non refundable.


It is our wish to foster a regional hub without borders and to establish psychoanalytic training in Malaysia that complies with the standards that have been established by the International Psychoanalytic Association. However, this is a long term goal that will require patience and sustained focus that the founding members have acknowledged, but nonetheless embraced.

KLPG members also meet to discuss and work outside of the seminars to discuss and enhance our understanding of psychoanalytic concepts and ideas. These meetings are conducted in small groups, not bigger than five people, but the topics covered can include issues related to the larger application of psychoanalytic ideas, such as culture and art.

We have all made commitments to enhance personal analytic capacity, maintain academic rigor, and heighten the ability to learn through training, self-reflection, and personal analysis. These are aspects of psychoanalytic practice that are demanded of practitioners in other parts of the world where psychoanalysis has long been established. We hope to introduce seminars in infant observations and infant mental health that are also a component of training in the United Kingdom.

Kuala Lumpur Psychoanalytic Group’s Executive Committee, September 2021