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A Bit of Background

The Kuala Lumpur Psychoanalytic Group (KLPG) consists of a group of professionals with a hub based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The aims of KLPG centers around the possibility of exploring the dimensions of human development and human mind, mental health and mental well-being through the psychoanalytic lens. In particular, we focus on the tradition of object relations that are fostered within all of us. In this respect, the group follows the developments of psychoanalysis through the works of Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, and Wilfred Bion and other contemporary thinkers within this tradition. Currently, there is the fostering of relationships with Kleinian psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists based in the United Kingdom and members of the KLPG.

KLPG aims to be an active participant in the developments of regionally based thinking related to the nurturing of psychoanalysis through joint workshops, seminars, and conferences as some members are based in East Malaysia and Hong Kong. It is our wish to foster a regional hub without borders and to establish psychoanalytic training in Malaysia that complies with the standards that have been established by the International Psychoanalytic Association. However, this is a long term goal that will require patience and work that members have acknowledged, but nonetheless embraced.

KLPG members have varying degrees of experience and have diverse backgrounds in mental health including Psychiatry, Clinical and Counselling Psychology, Music Therapy, and Music Psychotherapy. We are also influenced by French psychoanalysis, contemporary North American psychoanalytic theory relating to personality development, attachment theory, and existential perspectives as a way to understand the human condition. A dialogue between different perspectives within psychoanalysis and other forms of depth psychology is encouraged and welcome. However, we believe the focus of KLPG should be rooted in the works of Freud, Klein, Bion, and other contemporary psychoanalytic thinkers.

We have all made commitments to enhance personal analytic capacity, maintain academic rigor, and heighten the ability to learn through training, self-reflection, and personal analysis. These are aspects of psychoanalytic practice that are demanded of practitioners in other parts of the world where psychoanalysis has long been established. It is also hoped to introduce seminars in infant observations and infant mental health that are also a component of training in the United Kingdom. 

Members of KLPG